Thursday, April 15, 2010

In two months

In two months Bret and I have...decided to go to Kenya, sent out 150 fundraiser letters, received passports, had six shots, had a dinner raffle, purchased plane tickets, had a huge garage sale, and have accumulated $5,500 dollars and have officially reached our mission trip total with 24 days to spare!!!

Saturday we had a group meeting for the trip, which made it all official. We have a great group of people going with us and can't wait to get to know them all some more. As of right now this is what our time in Africa will look like...

-We will be staying at an Ostrich farm. There are multiple tents that will have a shower, bathroom, and bed. Meals will be provided there and from what we hear are pretty tasty. Water will be provided but if we want a coke it will be an extra .70! Crazy how different the economy is.

-We will be carrying a cross through the slums of Africa. Nothing dangerous, we are told that there might be slanders toward us but nothing too violent. Besides holding those sweet kids, this I think will be what Bret and I look forward too.

-We will go to two church services at the orphanage. I hear that these are AMAZING. Looking forward to being apart of something so great.

-A lady who is probably in her thirties, lives in Amarillo, started an orphanage with her husband, not far from ours. Her husband was killed in a motorcycle accident a couple of years ago. The orphanage is named after her husband. She will be traveling with us, she seems like a super neat lady. From what I hear we will be doing quite a bit with her orphanage as well as ours.

-Dedicating our orphanage. Since the bus accident the building of the orphanage slowed down, so no huge production will be made like previous plans were.

From everything I have been told I'm starting to think that for me personally God is using this experience for me to learn something. I think I will learn far more than I will teach!!

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