Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Making new from the old

You hear it everytime. Your a bridesmaid in a wedding and the bride wants to get something you can "wear again someday". I said it myself when I was a bride. The truth is, you won't wear it again. As much as you try to find somewhere to wear it, chances are very slim. So after a year and a half with this beautiful dress in my closet, then in storage, then in my closet again I became to the point that it had to go. My little bitty house can only hold so much and I have seem to have allready reached the limit with two kids that aren't mine, one that is, a dog, a husband, and all compacted into 1,000 square feet. I have lately enjoyed sewing almost as much as scrapbooking so that led me to my project. Repurposing my bridesmaid dress into a pillow. Yep, I cut up the dress and made it into a pillow. I have a great pillow for my bed that matches perfectly and no longer have to mess witht the hassle of storage of the dress I will never find a place to wear:)



You are my Sunshine

Today and yesterday are supposed to be record high for this time of year. I LOVE it!! The sunshine makes for one happy child and mom. We spent the early morning yesterday playing with chalk and riding her bike. She just had to have her glasses because the sun was just too bright without them...diva:)

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Moving Along

This week we received our passports in the mail! It is one of those things that we had been anticipating getting and crossing our fingers that we got them in time! Passports, check. Bret and I also went to get tetnus shot and Bret had to get his Hep A....check. Two more things off the list. Tickets will be paid for this week, only thanks to the gratitude of family and friends and the grace of God that this is coming together so beautifully! The next two weeks Bret and I will be getting yellow fever, tiphoid, and malaria prevention...not wanting to bring anything home with us except Love of Jesus and memories of an awesome experience:)

Thursday, March 18, 2010

New things at the Huey house

I have been putting the whole blog posting aside for awhile for two reasons....one: we have been incredibly busy and two: I have been so darn mad because I haven't been able to figure out my photo shop enough to start designing my own blog background. Yesterday I had no kids and I just figured it was about time that I bring back our family blog!! So here are some updates of what are family has been up to the past couple of months.....

Kk and I have been busy crafting. This was her Valentine skirt that we re-did from an old pair of jeans that her legs grew out of.

We have been spending as much time as possible outside on the trampoline. The trampoline has proved to be the best investment (beside our leather furniture) that we have made. KK and I and daddy are out on the trampoline whenever possible. It seems to be a great time to spend with KK AND talk about a good workout for mom!

After lots of praying Bret and I will embark on a journey in Africa in May. We will be going with our Church to move in children into their new home and will also have the opportunity to plant a Church there in the village. Details on the trip are very minimal so this trip is all about following the Lord! Isn't that how God intended it to be?

KK is in her third semester of gymnastics and is loving it even more that she did in the beginning. This semester they added an assistant coach Ms. Shana...KK LOVES her! Every Monday she comes home and says "Mommy, I just love her, she is SO nice!"

This lady is on the "Love of my life" list...The Pioneer Woman's cookbook just makes me happy. I stumbled upon her blog one day and have been in love ever since. Her recipes are great and at the same time easy. She has to work with what she has, which is my kind of girl...no random ingredients or fancy lingo. Just plain jane country. I have been lucky enough to have a little girl that enjoys cooking with me, which just thrills me! KK could very well be the next Pioneer Woman, or Taylor Swift, or gold medalist. She is a girl of many traits:)

We have been very healthy in our house lately (knock on wood). When Payton the three year old left our house it was like all the noses dried up and all the coughs dissapeared. Amazing isn't it? A new baby Eli has started coming to our house along with Dean. We have just managed to get thru our first week and think that it will be smooth sailing:)

Kennedee is officailly enrolled in Kingdom's Kids preschool, starting in August. Mom is hanging in there, Kennedee is ready to go TODAY. We went and toured it a couple of days ago and she has been anticipating it ever since. They will have field trips, cooking, playing, learning, and a daily bible lesson. I can't wait to see KK in her preschool setting....guess this means school shopping will take place very soon!

Last but not least Bret has a little baby...reading thru the Bible while blogging about it! www.thejourney365.blogspot.com
It has become apart of our whole family and we are enjoying every bit of it!

Whew! I think everyone should be caught up on the Huey household and are moving right along at full speed. Looking forward to the future!!