Thursday, April 8, 2010

Airplane ride home...Check

Our plane from England arrives in Dallas May 20th at 3:40 p.m. Bret and the rest of the group will be driving from Dallas to Amarillo but I will be hopping on plane in Dallas at 5:30 and arriving in Amarillo at 6:30. That gives me thirty minutes to get in a car and race to Canyon for my friends wedding rehearsal. Whew! I have faith that I can do it!!!

From the very beginning not knowing any details I told myself that there is no way that I'm going on this trip if its during my friends wedding, which I am the one and only bridesmaid. I prayed about it that it would all work out....come to find out it will be extremely close but I think it is once again reassurance that we need to be on this trip.

I have a photoshop class every Wednesday and while at class Bret and KK go to church. Last night he picked me up and told me about some news about Africa. The village that we will be visiting...many women and children were in a bus when it flipped over injuring over 14 of them. The small church is devastated and trying to pick themselves up from this earth shaking incident.

Think about it....there are say thirty people in your village and church and fourteen of those people are badly injured, that could completly change a church. This means our main mission will not be to go dedicate this new children's home but to help pick up these people from such a horrible incident. God called us on an ever greater mission that what we first realized.

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